About CMT

Visakhapatnam popularly known as city of destiny the reason why people address Visakhapatnam as city of destiny because of the serene atmosphere and the natural beauty which exists by having hills and sea. In addition to the natural beauty the added value is the culture of the city where people are very friendly having the nature of welcoming every one to the city and feeling proud of the beauty of the city showing the same to everyone which creates a lot of togetherness among the people of Visakhapatnam and the people who visit. The city which is known for producing the best academicians like C.V. Raman who had contributed a lot to academics ana Andhra university wnicn has to its credit of introducing the first MBA program in India for which the founder Prof. K.K. Das the first Indian to get doctorate from Harvard and A II University VIZAG and to teach in Harvard. Prof .K.K. Das was the first Indian to get a doctorate from Harvard Business School and also to teach in Harvard. We are proud to inform that dr. K.K Das with all his experience in working with HBS and twenty eight years in the united states offering his services to Georgia tech,Atlanta,Howard was invited by our founder late Shri Alwar Das and started the first autonomous PGDM program in Andhra Pradesh which is the sister institute of CMT. The above said city has a serene atmosphere which is good for quality education. It is no wonder that the children who come from of I various parts or the country are safe and secure and have a comfortable living which helps them to focus on education. As the city is not overcrowded and the travel time is very less


To Mould every student of this institution to be an ethical leader with required skills to cater for the requirement of any organization.


Culture of the institution is to give the right kind of input helping the students to under-stand their inner potential and to convert their weaknesses into strengths and to be an ethical leader.